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My research collection of the New Deal, specifically artists associated with the CCC, PWAP, WPA and Treasury Department “Section”, along with those who administered the programs, has been over ten years in the making, and I continue to expand the collection as time and costs permit.

A large part of the research has required extensive travel in the lower 48 states to locate, access, copy and catalog the official source documents and photographs. The results of this self-funded research are tens of thousands of digitized records.

In response to requests from scholars, researchers and family for information in regards to certain artists and related CCC and WPA projects a means to procure selected records is now available.

Please contact Kathleen Duxbury regarding you request(s): cccstories(at)gmail.com

A no obligation search will be made in the Kathleen Duxbury New Deal collection. You will be contacted with the results. Some records are extensive (assignments, employment, military, correspondence, various agency reports, photographs etc.) and others records are limited in size, scope or copyright. This will dictate the costs, as will the method of delivery. (Printing, shipping, electronic transfer etc.).

Payments are accepted through Paypal.

Types of selected records, documents, letters, reports, photographs and histories which may be available. If applicable and permissible:

CONTACT KATHLEEN - cccstories (at) gmail.com

Thank you for your interest in New Deal research and stories.

Kathleen Duxbury New Deal Collection