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Before and after Totality reflections of the moon shadow crossing over the sun created crescent shape shadows. To capture this reflection -
A white sheet was spread on the ground. (Note for future eclipses - Do Not walk on the sheet - it creates dirty footprints :)

Any outline can be used, a flower, symbol etc. The letters CCC were printed on a piece of white paper. Small holes were punched to outline the letters.

The paper was taped to the tripod leg. A photograph was made of the crescent shadows as they passed through the punched holes.
Didn't do the outline of the tree - ran out of time - the eclipse had started.

Check back for a slide show of the Memory and Celebration trees planted Chippewa National Forest in Minnesota.
Let us know what you think. Would love to hear from you.
G & K

2017 Trek

The Great American ECLIPSE - 2017 - Composite image - Pre-eclipse was photographed in Infrared - Totality and beyond was photographed in color.

Color was the better medium.

Totality was beyond beautiful. We had an outdoor thermometer and recorded a 14 degree drop in temperature. The ground light during Totality was a silver light - it seemed void of color. It was a pure, crip silver light. All became still and quiet. Didn't understand all the hype about Totality, but we do now.

Another total eclipse will pass over the USA on April 8, 2024.


Larger Image Here