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A recent visit to the FDR Library and Museum in Hyde Park, New York, for the 75th Anniversary of the FDR Library, inclusded a visit to their archives. Among the records accessed were the files for James H.Rowe Jr., attorney and close advisor to FDR.

It was interesting to read confidental letters and memos which document the displeasure and concerns within the FDR administration with James McEntee, second CCC director. Seems there were efforts being investigated (clearly with FDR's knowledge) to either oust or diminish Director McEntee and his position.

Things were rapidly changing in the 1939 - 1941 period, after the invasion of Poland by Germany and prior to the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor; Director McEntee was strongly opposed to any form of militarization of the CCC.

These records provide another aspect to the decisions being considered and a better understanding of why the CCC didn't stand a chance as a permanent, independent conservation program as long as McEntee was involved.



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The National Archives and Records Administration in St. Louis, Missouri (NARA I) maintains the CCC employment and personnel records.
A monograph created in 1954, for NARA staff and researchers, details the history, cataloging and organization of these records. Although, these records were moved to the St. Louis archives in 1985 the monograph remains current.


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